We are Now Accepting Applications to Compete in the IMSCC!


We are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications to compete in the Import Meet Street Car Competition. We are searching for some of the best performing and highest quality import street cars in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, we are also looking for drivers who have experience drag racing and autocrossing their car.

Our definition of an import street car:

Import street cars are defined as cars that are produced by non-US manufacturers, are regularly driven on the street, are legally registered in the state in which the competitor resides, and covered by insurance. At minimum, all safety equipment must comply with federal and state requirements (i.e. seat belts, height from the road, lights/blinkers, etc.) and all cars must have a functioning heater.

All cars must have a factory dashboard and at least 2 front seats and door panels. Rear seats, door panels, stereo and a spare tire are not required but car show points will be deducted for cars with minimal interior and no audio system.

In May, a small panel of ImportMeet.com Founding Members will be deciding on the final group of cars to compete in the IMSCC. The competitors that our panel chooses will be notified via email. Backup cars will also be chosen if someone has to forfeit their spot in the competition.

As mentioned in the introduction post last month, we will be comparing the selected cars in the following categories:

The Import Meet Street Car Competition events will occur on August 9 – August 11, 2013. There will be a $225 entry fee for each car that is selected. Only cars that are selected will be required to pay this fee. The entry fee includes all track/dyno fees, an official IMSCC t-shirt, a vehicle sticker pack, and free products from sponsors of the IMSCC. It does not include lodging, fuel, or food. If you think you have what it takes to compete in this competition, please click the link below and fill out the application form completely.

Read through the preliminary rules before applying.


In addition to trophies and bragging rights, here are some great prizes provided by our sponsors:

1st place:

  • One set of any Falken tires (up to 20" in diameter)

2nd place:

3rd place:

All of the competitors will receive:

  • $25 gift certificate to VLEDS
  • TiAL Sport Gear
  • NOS Energy Drink Gear
  • IMSCC Gear

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IMSCC Sponsors:

If your company is interested in sponsoring this event, please email info@importmeet.com for more information.



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