The Best Import Cars of SEMA 2014 – Photo Gallery


Every year the industry meets for SEMA – the largest aftermarket automotive convention in the world. The show brings tens of thousands of enthusiasts to Las Vegas, Nevada to check out some of the newest products and most epic builds.

Photos by Ryan Kam, Conrad Jordan, and Matt Haugness. Text by Matt Haugness.

Formula Drift 2014 Season Overview Teaser – Chris Jeanneret Honda S2000

For the entire summer we’ve been collecting footage from other videographers and capturing our own to assemble a year-end recap of the Formula Drift season for Chris Jeanneret and SpeedFactory Racing’s Vibrant Performance Honda S2000. Here is just a teaser of what we have in store for you in December 2014. Chris will be going over each round and explaining the challenges of bringing back a unique chassis to Formula Drift.

DriftCon Afterdark 2014 – Official Event Coverage

DriftCon Afterdark, a spinoff of our Afterdark show that was previously held at VLEDS’ headquarters in Bellingham, WA was held at Evergreen Speedway on September 27, 2014. It included a 3/8 Tandem Competition, Team Tandem Competition, Hoon-off (rolling burnout competition), car show, VIP parking area, and meet.

Photos by TK Akiyama and Anthony Kim. Text by Matt Haugness.

Unlike the first DriftCon in May that was paired with a round of Pro Am competition – DriftCon Afterdark was a standalone event with a $1000 purse for first place. Prior to the event, we decided on using the 3/8 layout from round 5 of the Pro Am competition that was held a few weeks prior. Drivers enjoyed the layout and it allowed for a larger selection of cars instead of just Pro Am 5/8 cars.

IMSCC 2014 Results – Day Three: Drag Racing & Final Results

The third and final day of the Import Meet Street Car Competition was made up of a single category – drag racing. A quick reference guide for the competitors can be found here. Read all about how the IMSCC scoring system works here.

Photos by Anthony Kim and Matt Haugness. Text by Matt Haugness.

Drag racing – the final portion of the IMSCC was held on the last day of the event at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA.

Drag Racing

Going into day three, Andy Nissen-Barber with his 2002 BMW M3 was in first place and 81 points ahead of Dan Nguyen in his 2010 Nissan GT-R. This meant that Andy needed to get a DNF or an incredibly slow time and Dan would have to place first for the standings to change.

DriftCon Afterdark 2014 – In-Depth Summary of Event

DriftCon Afterdark is our most elaborate event to date. With many different things happening on and off the track, we figured we would create an in-depth summary for people who want to know more about a particular portion of the event.

Great 80 Car Show – SOLD OUT

Nearly all 80 of the spots in the car show are now full. All cars that have been accepted have passed our staff’s approval process to ensure that they were modified to some extent.

Great 80 Car Show Judging

All of our car shows in the past have been judged by the competitors. Each competitor voted in each category and the votes were tallied to determine the winners. For DriftCon Afterdark, we’re changing things up a bit.

DriftCon Afterdark 2014 – Hoon-Off Competition Registration

We’re looking for a select group of high horsepower cars that are willing to destroy a set of tires in our first ever Hoon-Off competition at DriftCon Afterdark!

Hoon-Off Event Details:
September 27, 2014 from 5pm to 10pm (Hoon-Off will be held from 7:00-7:30pm)
Evergreen Speedway
14405 179th Ave SE
Monroe, WA 98272

This competition is open to ALL makes and models of cars. We’re looking for cars with around 350 horsepower.

$40 entry fee (includes one full access event pass for driver)
Hoon-Off competitors will be parked on display in front of the grandstands prior to the Hoon-Off competition starting

1st: $150 & Hoonigan prize pack
2nd: $75 & Hoonigan prize pack
3rd: $50 & Hoonigan prize pack

IMSCC 2014 Results – Day Two: Autocross, 0-60-0, Skidpad, & Fuel Economy

The second day of the Import Meet Street Car Competition was broken into four categories: Autocross, 0-60-0, Skidpad, and Fuel Economy. A quick reference guide for the competitors can be found here. Read all about how the IMSCC scoring system works here.

Photos by Conrad Jordan, Anthony Kim, Dave Hager (PNW Car Culture), and Matt Haugness. Text by Matt Haugness.

Day two of the IMSCC started early in the morning at Bremerton Motorsports Park in Bremerton, WA. The track was host to the Autocross, 0-60-0, and Skidpad portions of the competition. For Fuel Economy, the 66.5 mile return drive to Seattle was used to determine the fuel economy of each car.

DriftCon Afterdark 2014 – Team Tandem Format & Registration

Team Tandem registration for DriftCon Afterdark is now open!

Teams of three will battle for a large cash prize on the Evergreen Speedway 3/8ths track.

A maximum of 12 teams will be allowed to compete in the DriftCon Afterdark Team Tandem Competition. Teams will have to qualify in the top 8 to move on to the elimination part of the competition. Once in the top 8, teams will battle against each other (one after the other) to see which team can execute the best overall run. Teams will be judged on how closely they can follow the same line, proximity with each other, and style.

Coming up with a unique team name is encouraged. Team members are expected to visually coordinate with each other in some way. Since this is a night event, we recommend coordinating with lighting modifications as well.

Prize money will be determined by the number of teams competing.

Prize Payout Example:
1st: $1000
2nd: $500
3rd: $250

Note: Example shown above is based on 10 teams competing. The payout will increase or decrease based on the number of teams competing.

IMSCC 2014 Results Day 1: Ride Quality, Car Show & Build Quality

The second half of the first day of the Import Meet Street Car Competition was broken into three categories: Ride Quality, Car Show, and Build Quality. A quick reference guide for the competitors can be found here. Read all about how the IMSCC scoring system works here.

Photos by Dominic Wilkerson and Matt Haugness. Text by Matt Haugness.

After finishing the dyno portion of the IMSCC the competitors moved over to Achtuning in Redmond, Washington to finish the day. Their facility was host to the Ride Quality, Car Show, and Build Quality portions of the competition. These were the only subjective categories in the IMSCC all judged by people that we felt were the most qualified and unbiased. Read more about the judges in this post.

Ride Quality

The purpose of the Ride Quality category was to find out which of the cars was the best at being a street car. The intent has always been to penalize gutted cars or ones with minimal interior modifications. This year the official import model for the event, Valeria Boo, was the judge of the Ride Quality portion of the IMSCC. She went for a short ride in all of the cars so that she could give her opinion of each of the cars. The key areas that she was judging were comfort, practicality, audio system, harshness, and overall impression. After returning from each ride, Valeria used a 50 point judging sheet to determine the scores for the cars.