Acura of Lynnwood Import Meet Dyno Registration

In addition to holding the import meet at Acura of Lynnwood next month, we will also be holding a 2WD dyno competition with awards/prizes. We will be awarding the highest horsepower cars in the classes listed below.

Dyno entry fee (3 pulls):
$60 pre-registration (online only – register below)
$75 day of

If you own a modern car (00+) with traction control that you don’t know how to turn off please email before registering – some cars have issues with Dynapack chassis dynos. A large majority of import cars do not have any issues.

Dyno Competition Classes:

-Honda/Acura NA
-Honda/Acura (turbo, supercharger, nitrous, etc.)
-Other Import/Sport Compact NA
-Other Import/Sport Compact (turbo, engine swap, supercharger, nitrous, etc.

If there is enough interest we will also make a domestic class.

2002 BMW M3 Turbo – Second Chance – 2014 IMSCC Competitor

We’re happy to introduce Andy Nissen-Barber as the first competitor in our 2014 Import Meet Street Car Competition. The IMSCC is an event that will compare some of the best import cars in multiple categories (drag racing, autocross, dyno, car show, etc.) in August 8-10 in Seattle, WA.

Other competitors will be announced leading up to the competition so be sure to check back regularly. Join the Facebook event page for notifications.

Sometimes second chances come around in car ownership. The car you see on this page is actually the second E46 M3 that Andy Nissen-Barber has owned. Around 4 years ago he began building his first M3 after starting his career in the automotive industry. The car was mildly built and Andy used it as a daily driver. Unfortunately, the build was stopped short since it was totaled when another car hit him in the middle of an intersection.

Text & photos by Matt Haugness. Video by Dustin St. Hilaire (Jessup Visual Works).

Watch BMW M3 Turbo on YouTube.

TiAL Sport Returns as Major Sponsor of 2014 IMSCC

We are happy to announce that TiAL Sport will be returning as a major sponsor of the Import Meet Street Car Competition for 2014!

TiAL Sport will be providing an MV-R wastegate for the first place finisher of the competition ($399 retail value) and a QRJ blow-off valve to the second place finisher ($240 retail value).

“The MV-R 44mm wastegate is more compact than any current 44 or 46mm wastegate on the market. You get two top air ports and three bottom air ports for easy install. This unit is a direct bolt on for our V44. The MV-R has an optional extreme high temp casting available for Motorsport applications.”

“New for 2014 – The TiAL QRJ is our latest boost control valve. Designed with the needs of high performance recirculating systems in mind. The QRJ features a new body design, compact installation envelope, high-flow capacity, and configurable inlet and outlet ports.”

TiAL® Sport Inc. USA takes pride in establishing its company reputation by designing the highest quality engineered products for today’s performance turbo charging systems market. The production of TiAL® Products super alloy based 46mm™ wastegate was the inception of the company’s ability to design, manufacture and deliver to the market a high performance and high quality product at a market competitive price. We are proud to bring to you our USA made, high-performance automotive products. Our main goal is to design, engineer, and manufacture the best possible products.At TiAL® Sport we believe there is no room for compromise. We only create innovative designs and produce and deliver the highest level of product integrity. TiAL® Sport is looking forward to meeting and exceeding your high performance engine boosting systems needs.

[Source: TiAL Sport]

Acura of Lynnwood Import Meet – July 13, 2014 – Lynnwood, WA

On July 13, 2014 we are partnering with Acura of Lynnwood to hold an import meet at their dealership and neighboring parking lot. There are 100 spots available within their dealership and the lot next door can support over 250 cars.

This is a FREE meet to attend but VIP parking spots are available inside of Acura of Lynnwood for $10 pre-registration. There are only about 100 spots available for VIP parking. Register for VIP parking below.

It is important that everyone follows the rules for this meet. As with all of our events, all makes and models of cars are welcome to attend.

No excessive revving
No burnouts
No racing
No littering

DriftCon 2014 – Official Event Coverage & Photo Gallery

DriftCon, a brand new Drift event, was held at Evergreen Speedway for the first time on May 18, 2014. The event consisted of a car show, meet, Team Tandem Competition, and round 2 of the Evergreen Drift Pro Am series.

Photos by TK Akiyama, EverClean State, Boosted Photography, Long Shot Photography, NOXY, Not So Good Photography, and VancouverFitted. Text by Matt Haugness.

Made to Drift Episode 4: First Testing Day at Evergreen Speedway

Watch Chris Jeanneret’s K24 Turbo Honda S2000 Testing at Evergreen Speedway on YouTube

In episode four of Made to Drift Chris Jeanneret brings his K24 Honda S2000 to Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA for its first testing day.

Good luck in Atlanta, Chris!

Made to Drift Episode 3: K24 Engine, Turbo Kit Fabrication, & Final Chassis Mods

Watch K24 Honda S2000 – Formula Drift Build on YouTube

In episode three of Made to Drift we go over assembly of the K24 engine, the turbo kit fabrication, suspension setup, and the wiring and lighting system that Chris Jeanneret and SpeedFactory Racing will be running on their Formula Drift S2000.

The official testing video will be posted next week!

Nissanfest 2014 – Drifting & Showcase Photo Gallery

Nissanfest was held once again at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA on April 19, 2014. One of our favorite parts of the event was an autocross track that they put together in the morning.

Below is a photo gallery of some of our favorite shots from the event.

Photos by Anthony Kim & Matt Haugness.

DriftCon 2014 – Team Tandem Competition – Format & Registration

Team Tandem registration for DriftCon is now open!

Teams of three will battle for a large cash prize on the Evergreen Speedway 3/8ths track.

A maximum of 12 teams will be allowed to compete in the DriftCon Team Tandem Competition. This is a dynamic drifting event. The track layout will change based on which part of the competition it is. Teams will have to qualify in the top 8 to move on to the elimination part of the competition. Once in the top 8, teams will battle against each other (one after the other) to see which team can execute the best overall run. Teams will be judged on how closely they can follow the same line, proximity with each other, and style.

Coming up with a unique team name is encouraged. Team members are expected to visually coordinate with each other in some way.

Prize money will be determined by the number of teams competing.

Prize Payout Example:
1st: $1000
2nd: $500
3rd: $250

Note: Example shown above is based on 10 teams competing. The payout will increase or decrease based on the number of teams competing.