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Falken Tire & K1 Speed Seattle – Karting Against the Pros

Team Falken recently arrived in Seattle for Round 5 of Formula Drift and one of their first stops while in town was an event at K1 Speed in Redmond, WA. The purpose of the event was for fans to meet the main Falken drivers and then kart against them on K1 Speed’s indoor track.

Chasing Classic Imports?

I was watching show called Chasing Classic Cars last night on HD theater and it got me thinking.  Of all of the import cars we have available right now (let's say 2010 and older) which have the ability of being that timeless classic that everyone lusts after in 10-15 years?  I thought I would make a list of my top 5 and then see what everyone else thought via the comments.  Without further ado, here is my list:









Honda/Acura NSX – What can I say, I'm a pretty big Honda fanboy, so this had to be at the top.  I tend to think that the Honda NSX revolutionized the sports car market and forced domestic auto manufacturers to respect their Japanese counterparts.  Released in the US in 1990, this car was leaps and bounds ahead of its competition.  Its 3.0 liter V6 and all aluminum chassis/suspension really took the industry to a whole other level.  Its aesthetics and engine/transmission are still respectable.  Its unique mid-engined layout made for an exciting car to drive and something exotic enough that it still makes uninformed people ask: "Is that a Ferrari?!".  Of all of the import cars available, I believe that this car has the admiration of nearly every import car enthusiast.

30,000 Miles and Counting…

Today my car rolled over to 30,000 miles and it inspired me to write this post.  I'll give you some background on my S2000.  I bought the car a little over 3 years ago from an older gentleman when the car had 7900 miles on it.  The car was a 2001, so the miles were incredibly low for the year.  I paid a fair price for it and drove it off the consignment lot with a big smile on my face the entire way home.

At first, I was determined to keep the miles low and drive it only on nice days when I could truly enjoy it.  I rode the bus to college so it wasn't an issue to leave it parked and ride my bike or walk to the bus.  After about 3 months of not really driving it and just commuting when I needed to, I decided to go on a road trip.  It was about 700 miles round trip and with it being a new car to me, I was paranoid about any damage and adding miles to the car.

Thoughts and Prayers with Japan During this Crisis…

Everyone at Import Meet would like to express our sincere condolences to anyone who has been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in the last few weeks.  I personally know a few people who live in Japan (all are ok) and this really put things in perspective for me.  Show how much you care and please donate to the Red Cross in their aid effort for Japan.