Our Favorite Cars From SEMA 2016


This year marked my fourth time attending the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this time the economy has improved and created a shift in the industry. Compared to years past it seemed like the primary focus of 2016 was trucks and domestic cars. Of the imports that were there most of them were exotic or European makes.

Photos by Robert Haugness and Conrad Jordan. Text by Matt Haugness.

Although I was a little disappointed in the lack of Asian import cars this could probably be attributed to fewer “tuner” style cars being released in general. In 2013 and 2014 there were plenty of FR-S/BRZ but with the exception of Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari 458-powered 86 there weren’t many that I saw while wandering the show.

A welcome sight were the 10th generation Civics throughout. It was also cool to get a close look at the new Civic Type R that was on display for the first time in America. Honda is definitely trying to reach out to the enthusiasts again.

Rather than just show photos of cars you have probably already seen elsewhere I decided to pick some of the team’s personal favorites regardless of make/model. Enjoy!


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