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Ever since the launch of we have wanted to create a competition that would be exciting to compete in and follow along with online. The competition we had in mind would combine various forms of motorsports activities to attract the most readers and variety of import cars. We are proud to announce that in 2013 we will be holding our first ever Import Meet Street Car Competition (IMSCC).

Our plan is to bring together at least 10 of the best import cars in the Pacific Northwest to compete in a multi-event challenge. Since this our first time organizing a competition of this magnitude, we plan on keeping the rules simple and the categories reasonable. If this is your first time on our website, we have a track record for holding high quality events in the Pacific Northwest and the IMSCC will be no different.

We will compare and share the results of the competition in these categories:

In two weeks, we will start taking submissions from people who want to compete in the IMSCC. Our selection process will be strict and only cars that our panel feels best represent what the region has to offer will be selected to compete in the IMSCC.

Once attendance has been confirmed, we will publish a small feature on each car and driver so that our readers can get to know each competitor. Backup cars and drivers will be chosen in the event that a primary competitor has to forfeit their spot.

There will be a cost associated with each entry but we plan on having some great prizes for winners of the competition.

More information and the Official IMSCC Rulebook will be posted prior to the opening of the application process in two weeks. We hope you are as excited about this competition as we are! Feel free to share this post on your favorite forum and if you have a friend that may be interested, share this page with them.

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