Import Meet was launched in 2011 with the primary goal of building a diverse community of import car owners. Many websites tailor their blog and forums around one particular make or model of car. True import car enthusiasts respect all import cars and these people are the target audience of Import Meet.

ImportMeet.com has sponsored and organized multiple successful events and has covered everything from drifting to local car shows.

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2016 Media Contributors:

Takuya "TK" Akiyama - Photographer/Videographer
Kenny B. - Photographer
Conrad Jordan - Photographer/Videographer
Robert Haugness - Photographer
Matt Korthuis - Writer/Editor
Casey Haugness - Writer
Nick Poirier - Photographer
Melissa Poirier - Photographer

Our Authors:

Matt Haugness

Matt created ImportMeet.com in 2011 after noticing a lack of media websites dedicated exclusively to import cars. Although he's employed as an engineer and has no formal training in journalism, his skills continue to develop as the editor for the site. He enjoys writing feature car articles, technical build/project articles, and organizing events. Matt drives a 2001 Honda S2000 and a 1990 V8-swapped Mazda RX-7.222 Articles


Staff profile used to share our events and some of our favorite content on the internet. Some content shared by this profile may not be created by us but the content creator will always be credited.88 Articles

Chris Youngblood

Chris is a Founding Member of ImportMeet.com and owner of Project Evo VIII. He writes primarily about his project but also plans on producing event coverage of events in Southern California.4 Articles

Casey Haugness

Conrad Jordan

Conrad is a Founding Member and media contributor to ImportMeet.com. He will be writing future project car articles along with the occasional event coverage article.

Matt Korthuis

Matt is a Founding Member and our newest author on ImportMeet.com. He will be writing project car articles on his Nissan 260Z project along with the occasional event coverage article.